Purpose & Values

VISION Excellence in Learning, the Community and Environment.


Our purpose is to support all students:

  • strive for excellence
  • develop to their full potential by providing opportunities in conjunction with guidance and support
  • be independent learners and problem solvers for life
  • be socially competent and demonstrate empathy towards others
  • be responsible and resilient
  • be able to contribute as a member to the school and wider community and global society in the future

OUR MOTTO Not just a school, but a part of the community


We expect members of our school community to follow these core values:

  • Respect – Listening to others in a non-judgemental way. Understanding and accepting the differences and needs of other people. Taking / accepting actions for their common good. Looking after our environment
  • Persistence – trying hard to do your best, especially when things are difficult.
  • Confidence – having belief in their abilities and willingness to “have a go”.
  • Organisation – having materials and having an attitude of readiness to achieve goals.
  • Excellence – having an aim of achieving their best and developing their skills and talents.
  • Resilience – to keep trying under adverse conditions and not being discouraged.
  • Getting along – working together, learning cooperatively and helping one another. 
  • Honesty – speaking openly whilst showing empathy and respect for others, being trustworthy and truthful, seeking and giving feedback in a constructive way to self and others

The staff strive to be the best educators they can, through bringing their unique strengths, knowledge and expertise into practice. They are continually learning through regular attendance at Professional Development sessions, collaboration with their colleagues and of course the children and their parents.

Annual report to comunity 2018